Agent FAQ's

What does it cost to use HOUSL?

HOUSL offers a 3 month FREE Trial for all new accounts.
During the inital 3 month FREE Trial an unlimited number of additional user accounts can be added or removed.
At the completion of the trial period the following annual fees will apply.

One User No fees
Unlimited properties
Ongoing free account
Second User Annual fee
Unlimited properties
$200 + GST per year
Third+ User Annual fee
Unlimited properties
$150 + GST per aditional user per year

How do I create an Agent's account?

Please send us an email from your real estate agency's email account and we will create your agent’s account and send you an email back with your account login details. It is done this way for compliance and security reasons.

Do I have to manually create each properties profile?

In its simplest form yes. HOUSL can however also integrate into your CRM platform so that when you create the property profile in your current system, it also creates the property profile in HOUSL. Let us know if you would like us to integrate for you.

How will using HOUSL save me time?

When dealing with multiple properties to lease, you will no longer have the issue of trying to establish which applications relate to which properties. With applicants able to scan a QR code and have their applications all automatically submitted to one convenient location as well as knowing which applicants have already completed their 100-point greenID check, you will be able to save considerable time. There is also the dynamic ranking tool which allows you to scale the different applications which means you will be able to award tenants properties faster, therefore allowing you to move on to leasing your next property.

What is the Dynamic Ranking Tool?

This tool enables you to rank applicants according to the key drivers of awarding a lease.

How does the property summary page work?

This page lists all of the people who have applied for the property in one place / screen. You can also see at a glance, those applicants who have have been greenID verified. This shows you they are serious applicants and also saves you having to manually complete this task at a later time.

How does the inspection register work?

You capture every persons name and their contact details at the door as you ordinarily would. If you have an iPad, HOUSL allows you input these contact details into HOUSL as the tenants arrive. If you don’t have an iPad just enter the details of the open for inspection attendees later in the day. The reason we suggest you enter these attendee’s names into the HOUSL system is because then HOUSL can generate a professional "Landlord Report". This report can then be used internally as an attendees file record and/or emailed to the landlord with comments to provide them feedback.

Open for inspection attendees who didn’t apply for this property or applied unsuccessfully, can be captured for your database, therefore allowing you to offer other properties to these people. This helps you grow your database, and rent properties faster.

What if I have preferred suppliers who can connect the applications utilities?

Easy, in your administration page of your account you can insert your standard terms and conditions outlining who you would like to offer or recommend to the applicant in regards to their utilities. In the acceptance page, once the applicant has been awarded the property the applicant can agree to be contacted by your utilities company and you will be sent an email notifying you that they have agreed to this.

What happens when I award a property to an applicant?

The applicant will receive notification instantly, both to their HOUSL account and also via email, that they have been awarded the property. The applicant need to accept this property via HOUSL. Once a tenant has accepted, at this point no other people will be able to apply for the property and all other property applications by the applicant will be withdrawn.

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Alternatively if you have any questions or queries in regards to the site, please contact us.