How it works

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For Tenants

HOUSL allows you to create your perfect tenancy application as well as complete your 100 point ID check online. Once you have done this, simply visit a property that you would like to apply for and scan the QR code the property manager has created and your application will automatically be sent to the property manager’s HOUSL account for the property, right then and there.

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For Agents

HOUSL allows you to create a property profile that applicants can then scan a QR code when they inspect the property, which automatically sends their application details to your property profile summary page. This allows you to have all of the applicant’s information, including knowing who has completed their 100 point ID check already in one convenient place, rather than getting bombarded with applications via different sources such as hardcopies, emails and probably even some faxes over the weekend and all the next week! You can then shortlist applicants as well as award the property to an applicant all via this one convenient place in your HOUSL account. Property viewing inspection register reports can also be sent through to the landlord as soon as your open house is finished, keeping them up to date with the work you are doing for them. All at the press of a button and instantly!

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