Create your agency's account

To set up your agency’s HOUSL account, a nominated representative from your agency will need to fill out the form below.

This nominated representative will automatically become the Primary Account Holder of your agency’s HOUSL account. The Primary Account Holder is able to view, access and edit all properties, edit the agency’s terms and conditions and default lease payments, add and delete HOUSL users, view all agent’s properties and move properties from one agent to another. The Primary Account Holder can be changed in the future if required.

To help protect your agency against fraudulent activities, we require the Primary Account Holder to verify their identity by completing Deloitte’s secure greenID online verification process.

You will need to provide HOUSL with a ‘nominated email address’. We recommend you use your agency’s admin or general rental email rather than a personal email address as all communications through HOUSL will be sent to this address.

Once you have completed the details below, you will need to access your nominated email as we will send you a confirmation email to activate your account.